Four effective Steps for Sex Offenders Treatment

sex offenders

Four effective steps to Sex offenders treatment

How to stop Sex offenders and Sex crimes is a big challenge nowadays. However, we have come up with four effective steps towards Sex offenders treatment that could kill the very roots of Sex offenders and Sex crime. There may be many measures by society or Government for treatment of sex offenders and to stop sex crimes but unless the root cause is destroyed, Public may never get relief from the sex offenders and sex crime. When we watch & read News about Rape, Gang Rape, Rape & Murder. Everybody reacts according to his Nature. Some people cannot forget for a long time and they protest through various means to spread their words. Some people express sorrow for a few moments, in the race of life they forget it and become busy with their work. Some people even do not react to the news of Sex Crime because it seems “Daily Matter” for them. Maybe someone reacts or not but the person who just read the news of sex offender today, the next day he suffered sex crime as one of his family member assaulted by sex offenders and it was never imagined by him.

Destroy the Root of Crimesex offenders

It is Shocking to know about the demoniac mentality of Sex Offenders. Maybe Sex Crime or any crime Public will be suffering  & It cannot be stopped till the time the root cause is not destroyed. It is not enough to trace the cause of a disease but it is necessary to have dietary control & proper medication to kill the disease completely. There is Strict Law  & Capital Punishment for treatment of sex offenders and also people suggest for capital punishment to Sex offenders. So that Sex Offenders should fear & Sex crimes may be mitigated but there is no lessening of crime. It is very serious to note that Law for Capital Punishment may also be misused in the name of the sex offender.

We try to suggest some steps to Sex offenders treatment so it may spread awareness in the society. Very Root of the Negative thoughts enabling Sex Crime could be fixed from four directions by the help of the four most effective steps.

No.1 Awareness through parentssex offenders

Before getting outside education, children may become a good raw material if  Good Conduct & moral is properly sowed by parents. It manufactures effective & efficient product means making of Best Character & Personality. For this, four human characters are required to be imbibed.


Repeat this time to time before your children.  “Darling, all are humans like you & they all feel happy & sorrow like you. The thing you get in return which you give to others. So Darling, be sensible to the sufferings of others and celebrate the happy moments of others”


Anyone may commit a fault, so forgive them but never forgive yourself because faults of others will be vanished after looking you.


You will need the help of others in this vast creation. So make a habit of helping other and remember, If you give love-respect-help, you will definitely get in return. Always remember, Giving Love-respect-help is just watering the Mango tree which is going to give to sweet mangos in near future.

Hard work

The earth rotates and gives day & night,  Sun gives light in the day, Moon-stars in the night, Nature bestows Winter, summer & rain & creates a Living environment. Nature’s elements always do hard work facilitating the existence of creation. You do hard work for a great ambition as well to become an example.

If these four human attributes could be imbibed, No way to sex offender and sex crime because children would become Real Heros and be able to vanish the very sign of Sex offender & Sex Crime from this world.

No.2 Awareness in School & Collegesex offenders

The same Moral Education given by Parents could be given to Students in Schools & Colleges,  It will strengthen the Practice keeping mind Cool & Sharp. Moral Education should be compulsory like other subjects. There should be a Test for Moral knowledge in Competition Exam. As a result, these steps would surely reshape not only Parents & Society but Country as a whole. This step is very crucial to tighten the key of Sex Offenders.

sex offenders No.3 Social Awareness Campaign

It should be initiated by Students and Programs need to be attractive so that people get fascinated. It would be best if senior officers & local administration could actively take part in and encourage. It will certainly yield the most fruitful result. In this Sex offenders treatment Program, Scholars from all fields need to be invited. They should preach about social responsibility & conduct. let they spread “Social Fragrance”. This Endeavour would reduce the numbers of the Sex Offenders.

No.4 Awareness through Governmentsex offenders

Public choose Government Government’s span is depended on the public agreement. Finance & Administration are utilized for public wellbeing. One-third of sincere effort is required to spread awareness. It would fetch most effective achievement. Not only Public suffer due to Sex crime but System has to suffer because System has to do extra work. Let the root cause of and Sex Offenders & Sex crime be killed and name & power of public be proved. Let there be a  Sex Offenders Free & Crime free country as well and Public & Government should save their dignity & existence each other Because they create each other.

The fourth pillar Media needs to be unbiasedsex offenders

These four steps would be successful if the fourth pillar of country “Media” would do unbiased reporting. Media should save its integrity and create a positive atmosphere. Media has the main role to make a Sex Offenders Free & Crime free country without a doubt. Finally, Media & Administration should emphasize enhancing of wisdom & character along with Material Development. Every offense has a root in certain mentality, every mentality has a root in character, Good character builds Good Mind, Good Mind does Good Deed, Good deed brings goodness for self, family, society, and country as a whole.

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