Ram Raksha Stotra For Full Protection

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Ram Raksha Stotra is a very powerful Sanskrit Stotra bestowed by Lord Shiva to Buddhakaushika Rishi to remove all distress, fear, dangers, sorrow, and achieve full protection from Lord Rama. This Stotra is strongly recommended to chant during Navratri and Deepawali. However, you can listen to it and chant on daily basis to get the following benefits:-

Benefits of Ram Raksha Stotra

  • It has tremendous powers to protect a devout from evil
  • Reciting it can provide mental strength to a person, by making him fearless
  • This is a Siddha stotra for complete protection of body and when reading 1,300 times, it can destroy all dangers that a person is facing
  • The stotra focuses on all parts of the body and invokes Lord Rama to protect
  • The Ramraksha stotra is also recited by many singers to improve and strengthen their voice

Listen to this stotra for one hour and get charged to all positivities & get protected

Ram Raksha Stotra

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