The story of a Gardener
There was a gardener who spent all his time, energy, and wealth, in cultivating a beautiful flower garden. Many varieties of multi-coloured fragrant flowers were grown in it. He gathered the choicest flowers and prepared a wonderful perfume from them. And can you imagine what he did next? He poured forth the perfume into the sewer! Good heavens! He totally wasted the perfume which he had prepared after so much hard work, and which could have filled his home with a beautiful fragrance. You will obviously say, “That gardener was a fool, an idiot…” But take a closer look at yourself. You need not search too far for that gardener. Many amongst us are just like him. The semen produced in the body from early childhood until today, over a period of 15 to 20 years of early youth, is transmuted into „ojas‟, which provides the body with strength, vigour and radiance. Do you think it is good prudence on your part to waste this precious semen which takes no less than 30 days to be produced, just for a single moment of sexual gratification? Isn‟t this foolishness quite like that of the gardener? The gardener might not have repeated his irrational action after having realized his stupidity, but today many people are repeating the folly of indulging in sex over and over again, even after having received numerous forbidding instructions from the scriptures and saints. Inevitably, they end up with nothing but repentance and misery. Blinded by sheer passion, and for the sake of just a moment‟s pleasure, one eventually falls for the sexual act. And when the act is finally over, one feels drained of all energies and becomes not unlike a corpse. They do not know that the pleasure experienced was not real, but only a fleeting glance by which was wasted the precious vital fluid accumulated over a period of 30 to 40 days. The semen produced and accumulated during the prime of one‟s youth remains in the body in the form of ojas. It is lost through discharge of semen during sexual intercourse and masturbation. Excessive sexual indulgence may even lead to the discharge of a white substance from the bones, causing debility and even impotence. One may even begin to shy away from confronting anyone, too scared to make eye contact. Their life becomes hellish. Since conservation of semen is of so much importance, our great sages and saints have laid down specific instructions regarding when, with whom, and at what frequency one should engage in copulation.

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