Hello sir, i am 25 years old student, preparing for compititive exams. i am very much addicted to porn from last 7 years. It is killing myself. Earlier it was occassionally but from last 6 months it has become part of my life. I have sufferd from alot of guilt, depression, fatigue, backache, pain in whole body became unsocial. I have lost my memory, i loathe myself. Sometimes i feel i dont wanna live anymore. Means very much problems are occuring in my life. I am very much responsible person but till now neither i get any reputated job nor getting rid of this addiction. I tried nofap and got success for 37 days was indeed tremendous experience. Trying meditation but cant continue. I have seen many videos from your channel and tried to follow brahamcharya in hardmode. Yet i get relapse. Just broke up a illicit relationship trying to procrastinate all monsters but not able to move ahead. I dont want to live in this stupid society which is making me bad to worse. I hate myself my life has become full of cry, lonliness. I became a stigma for my family. Is being vergin cause a problem? Why i dont understand i have highest dream but still not focused in that.
The way you taught about brahmcharya is lovavable. I wanna follow the same path. You know many times i have tried to loose myself from this world but thinking of my family i stop. I want to be free from this slavery life. I wnat to help the neep, want to be a refoemer for our society but i am doing nothing. I am just crying…
i would be gratrful to find your support and help
thanks and regards

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I am also preparing for competitive exams, if u want any help regarding pmo and to get over it u can mail me at sunaymarathe@gmail.com

Sir mera help kijiye me me bahut preshan hoo hastmainun ki wajah se