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Premium Telegram Channel In English

Must Read Before Yearly Subscription

Manthanhub is a spiritual mission that has the vision to bring a change in the youth, make them free from the clutches of porn and masturbation addiction, and make Brahmacharya a lifestyle. Thousands of youth have transformed their lives and their success stories speak for it. ManthanHub has facilitated a Premium Telegram channel for serious seekers who wish to follow the path of brahmacharya but are unable to do so either due to lack of knowledge, misguidance, and lack of motivation and strength. This channel also suggests the most effective and right way of living life and time to time suggests changes in your daily routine to lead a pious disciplined life. A unique feature is constant direction and motivation through regular voice messages, live streaming/voice chats some of which you must have experienced as a subscriber of the Manthanhub channel. These voice messages/live streaming/voice chats are specially made with lots of effort to bring a change in your habits in a very easy and effective manner. This unique channel is free from all types of distractions, irrelevant messages, personal chats, fickle-minded people. A man is known by the company he keeps. Being in the company of like-minded people definitely gives you the boost to stay on this path. Your questions will be answered by knowledgeable Admins who also moderate and filter out the junk. The sole purpose is only the Good for each and every individual.

Goals of Manthanhub community

  • Freedom from porn and masturbation
  • Pure thoughts, words, and action
  • Positive attitude
  • Appropriate social behavior
  • Universal brotherhood
  • Spiritual progress

What you will get

  • Correct information & knowledge about brahmacharya
  • Daily guidance about healthy food and lifestyle
  • Constant Motivation
  • Voice Messages
  • Live Streaming/Voice Chats on a daily basis
  • Premium Books & Brain Rewire Music
  • Online Session Update Both Free & Paid
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Direct involvement of Manthanhub & Team
  • Ask Admin on Personal Chat

Benefits you get from Premium Group

  • Freedom from the addiction to porn
  • Freedom from the addiction of masturbation
  • A healthy mind
  • Increased concentration
  • Freedom from depression and disappointment
  • A strong physical body
  • Spiritual progress
  • What is expected from the subscribers?
  • Active involvement in the channel
  • Sincerely following the instructions
  • Honesty to self
  • Faith in the healer
  • Constant effort
  • With respect to the fellow subscribers and Manthanhub team

How to join the Premium Group?

You need to pay Rs. $ 15 per year

Why a paid group?

  • Support logistics of the Manthanhub team. Creating videos on Youtube and its promotion takes time and money. We need to pay various professionals like video editors, images/video footage, music, sound system, accommodation, etc for producing excellent quality material.
  • Promoting brahmacharya is not easy. You have to fight the big giants of the porn industry, various professionals who propagate such acts. This is a million-dollar business. Unless we have money power with our spiritual and blessings power, we cannot move forwards.
  • For the benefit of mankind to make this place a better place to live.
  • Most people who join have already spent thousands of money on uncurable treatment, pills, etc but no benefit. It is very clear that $15 is too little for a life transformation and a good reason as prevention is better than cure.

Your request to join the premium Group will be processed within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of the Payment. Please contact @Vishwasewak if you don’t get any updates

Refund Rules:-

A refund of money is only possible within 7 seven days of joining the Channel if you decide to leave the Channel. No refund shall be done beyond 7 days of joining.

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