Must Read Yognidra Anti-Nightfall Course

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You must read & follow instructions

Q.Why the name is anti-nightfall/Yognidra course? 

A. This brain rewire course is designed to fast purify your thoughts by creating positive vibration not only in your brain but also in the environment, as the reason for 60% nightfall is impure sexual thoughts deep-rooted in mind due to wrong practice in the past. Also, this course prepares you for Yog Nidra which is different from normal sleep as normal sleep is more concerned with Raja & Tama but Yog Nidra is deeply connected with Sattwa and Chaitanya. In normal sleep, the duration is more but in Yog Nidra, the person gets more relaxation and energy in a short duration, and sleep is fulfilled in a miraculous way. 

Q. Is this course is a permanent solution to nocturnal emission/nightfall/wet dreams? 

A. We can’t say it a permanent solution, nothing like any permanent solution in this universe as all causes, acts, laws, and effects are interconnected, so we always keep work/effort as prime object/key force to change the problem into the solution. The better way to change our problem into a solution is to turn your thoughts & acts from negative to positive and maintain consistency in the purity of thought & deed. This may not only minimize your problem but also change your destiny. As far as destiny is concerned, this anti-nightfall course will help you to purify your thoughts before sleeping which is equivalent to 50% of treatment, the next 30% you have to put effort and maintain consistency, 10% you have to avoid impure foods as told by Manthanhub, 10% you have to be vigilant in every corner of your life, don’t let any sexual thoughts play with your brain. 

Q. How to make use of this course 

A. Please try to play this brain rewire or listen to it before sleeping so that It will remove all bad impressions collected throughout the day and purify your mind, increase the peace of mind, increase the spiritual emotion, positive emotion, invite cosmic vibration which is very helpful to achieve sound, spiritual & peaceful sleep. Finally, it may minimize the 90% chance of nightfall. The next 10% of nightfall may occur occasionally due to constipation and physiological pollution. Please read more about nightfall in the pdf which has been given along with the course. 

Q. What are the contents of this course?  

A. You will get 5 premium tracks in this course where you will some initial instructions to calm down your body and mind so that you could prepare for better spiritual sleep. You can play these tracks in rotation day-wise. You can play and listen to music before going to sleep or you may play this music while sleeping but keep in mind that please keep your mobile at three meters distance when you are sleeping. 

Q. What are the basic reasons, concept, and remedy of nightfall/wet dreams/night pollution? 

A. You have been given a pdf both in Hindi & English. Please go through it to clear your concept on nightfall. 

Q. How many days/months/years it may take to cure this disease permanently? 

A. You can’t say it a disease if it is occurring occasionally like twice in a month but if it is occurring too often, then it is a major concern, so you need to be more careful and take help yoga as said in the pdf and manthanhub playlist – treatment. This course is only meant for thought purification, not physical treatment. You have to keep patience and continue the Yogic/Brahmacharya lifestyle. The recovery time may depend upon man to man. The more you are purified in thought, the less chance of nightfall is there. The frequency of nightfall will reduce with time gradually. Please lead a spiritual life, forget about the past, be optimistic, concentrate on your goal and watch all videos of manthanhub. Also, you can watch our playlist on YouTube know as – ManthanHub Music.

Benefits of Yognidra Course

Know the benefits

1. Prepare you for Yognidra

2. Protection from nightmares/bad dreams

3. Fewer chances of wet dreams/nightfall/night pollution

4. Helpful for spiritual sleep/healthy sleep

5. Connection of consciousness with supreme consciousness through sleep

6. Helps to release anxiety, worry, dear, depression and increases peace of mind

7. Good for mental & spiritual health

8. Protection from negative energy during sleep

9. Helps to wake up nearly morning as you wish

10. Increases body relaxation and energy

Must Things you must follow during this online audio listening program

🔺 Don’t listen to this audio while driving or while engaged in mental or active physical activity. This course is only to be practiced before going to sleep. Sit quietly for 5 minutes before starting the session and concentrate on yourself. Full attention to yourself and the audio is the key to success.
🔺 Use your headphone for a better experience.
🔺 Try to consume simple vegetarian food throughout the complete sessions.
🔺Try to keep quiet or talk less and only talk with others as per the requirements. Please don’t talk loudly.
🔺 Don’t be angry at anyone throughout the sessions.
🔺 Don’t watch any Hollywood or Bollywood movies other than highly educational or spiritual.
🔺 Keep yourself away from explicit videos.
🔺 Don’t listen to any music or songs other than healing or spiritual in nature.
🔺 This has been provided with five tracks with different music so that you can change it in a rotational manner. Follow the audio instructions step by step very carefully.
🔺 You can practice this session by sitting in a comfortable posture or lying down posture, so it is advisable to keep your mobile phone in flight mode while practicing this course. Please keep your mobile phone at least three meters away from you while sleeping.
🔺 Use your unique user ID and Password while logging in to an online listening session.

Read some useful PDF in Hindi & English

Listen to the sample music

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