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Superhuman Buddhiman Brain Rewire Audio Session is specially designed for Students who find many difficulties and distractions while studying or preparing for any exam. They are found complaining about Memory loss, low focus, and concentration, lack of mind power & determination, no ambition of life, fear of future, opposite-sex attractions, negative attractions, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, motivation & zeal towards study & life, lack of creative ideas, many other such wrong practices & activities, wastage of time, depression, stress, etc. In this brain rewire we have tried to boost positive & spiritual emotions, thoughts that will reach the subconscious mind and make a powerful positive impression. It will help you to overcome all such negative, harmful propensities of a student’s life and lead you towards the true pleasure of study and Karma. It has many other benefits that you will notice & experience if you regularly practice this brain rewire. This Brain rewire is a boon for all youths & students who want to achieve a bigger ambition in life, who want to perform best in their studies, who want to be a good human being for self, family, and society. This Brain rewire is not only helpful for students’ life rather it may guide you in every corner of your life if you could imbibe the positive lessons, the impression of this course. We hope you could take this advantage and make optimum use of this awesome Brain Rewire Course.

आज कल students कई तरह की समस्याओं का सामना करते हैं और उसके पीछे कारण एकदम ठोस हैं , सब लोग distraction, आलसीपन, late night जागना , देर से उठना, पढ़ाई में मन नहीं लगना , बुरे विचार सताना, भविश्व की चिंता सताना, सोच विचार नहीं कर पाना, याद नहीं रख पाना, अपना बड़ा उद्देश्य नहीं बना पाना, अनावश्यक समय खराब होना , ध्यान नहीं कर पाना, अच्छी दिन चर्या नहीं बना पाना , हमेशा motivated नहीं रह पाना आदि तमाम सारी समस्याओं से लोग जूझ रहे हैं, और इन्ही सब कारणों से विद्यार्थी निराश और हताश होते जा रहे हैं , आज के बाद सभी निराशा और हताशा को अलविदा कह दें |

Things you must follow during this online audio listening program ☑️

🔺 Don’t listen to this audio while driving or while engaged in mental or active physical activity. Sit quietly for 5 minutes before starting the session and concentrate on yourself. Full attention to yourself and the audio is the key to success.
🔺 Use your headphone for a better experience.
🔺 Practice this healing method two times a day. Once early in the morning before sunrise and a second time during the evening as per your comfort. For effective change, you must practice this at least for 7 days.
🔺 Try to consume simple vegetarian food throughout the complete sessions.
🔺Try to keep quiet or talk less and only talk with others as per the requirements. Please don’t talk loudly.
🔺 Don’t be angry at anyone throughout the sessions.
🔺 Don’t watch any Hollywood or Bollywood movies other than highly educational or spiritual.
🔺 Keep yourself away from explicit videos.
🔺 Don’t listen to any music or songs other than healing or spiritual in nature.
🔺 It is advisable not to discuss this journey with anyone till you complete the sessions. This has relevance which you will understand gradually.
🔺 You can do your daily work but don’t forget to complete the daily listening session.
🔺 Don’t skip to the next session with curiosity before the completion of the current session.
🔺 This online audio listening program for Brain rewire will be completed in four sessions and you will be provided each session separately. Follow the audio instructions step by step very carefully.
🔺 It is better to practice this method by sitting on a mat in any comfortable posture you like.
🔺 Use your unique user ID and Password while logging in to an online listening session.
🔺 You can listen to this audio in sitting posture/any comfortable posture but don’t sleep while listening to the session. Be aware.

Know the benefits

1. Increase of focus & concentration

2. Reducing distraction & increasing awareness

3. Increase of Mindpower & determination

4. No fear of the future & setting a bigger goal in life

5. Heightened motivation throughout life

6. Increase of optimistic qualities.

7. Increase of spiritual qualities

8. Increase of study motivation

9. Decrease of negative thoughts & attractions

10. Increase of memory power & peace of mind

Listen to the sample course

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