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Masturbation :- Harmfull effects and Causes

Side effect of Masturbation
Side effects of Masturbation

Masturbation is a bad habit and we all know that it is a bad habit. And also we all thinks how to stop masurbation. Many people thinks that they will never be able to free from this addiction. But this is completely not true. Nothing is greater than human belief, If you believe that you can quit masturbation then you can. You can easily be free from this addiction you just need to get right understanding.

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In this article, I have tried my best to clear all the doubts that you have in your mind. To become free from this addiction, It is very important to know the causes, side effects and consequences of masturbation.

So, lets see the causes of masturbation. Because its very important to know the cause before stopping it.

Causes of Masturbation

  • People believe that there is happiness in masturbation

This is on of the biggest cause why people masturbate . They believe that there is happiness in masturbation. But they are wrong. If there really is happiness, Why do you feel dizy after masturbation ? Why do you feel exhausted and weak ? Have you ever think about this before ?

If you have ever thinked about this then you have understood that there is no happiness in masturbation. It is all just mind games. Always think that you are the boss of your mind. Donot let mind control you. Masturbation just give you momentarily pleasure and a day of laziness and diziness. It will impact your productivity.

  • Being attracted to sexual thoughts

This is also one of the reason that takes you towards masturbation. This attraction comes by looking pictures of provocative women, video, or in person. After seeing those things the sexual desire rises. Those desire leads you towards masturbation. So try keep your mind in control after seeing those pictures videos etc. This will not happen in just one day this will happen by continue practice.

  • Due to imagination and visualization

Imagination is one of the major cause to lead you to this habit of self pleasure. Imagination and visualization means imagining a girl or men in your mind and performing sexual activities with them. This releases several harmones in your mind and lead you towards the masturbation.

After seeing all this causes what we learned is that its all about your mind. If you keep your mind calm and avoid those feelings and visualization then you will definitely get rid of this addiction.

The Bad Effects of Masturbation

Maturbation has several bad effects of your mind and body. This cause the disturbance of the mind and effects your productivity in do to day life.

Here are some bad effects of masturbation.

  • Effects of Masturbation on mind and body

As we all know that masturbation is not good for health. Excessive masturbation causes weakness. Due to excessive of this habit what we eat, drink everything becomes useless for the body.
Science has identified seven constituents that are made by blood. Bone is one of them. And also the Semen is also one of the constituent which is made of blood. So whenever the sexual desires urges and we masturbate the semen got killed. Semen is life giving fluid inside human body. So, by masturbating alot we lose the power of the body, the power of the mind and we also loose the power of thinking to differentiate between good and bad.

That is why it is very important us to know how to stop this addiction and control your mind to visualize and think about the sexual pleasure.


  • Masturbation only causes pain

Most of us know and studied the laws of newton regarding motion one of the law states that “Every action has a equal and opposite reaction”

This same law also works on our body too. The amount of happiness or pleasure that we experience during self pleasure that much pain we will suffer. While masturbation you think that you have enjoyed those temporary feelings. But that is not true because as soon as it overs you feel dizy and laziness inside your body. And also after masturbation you feel weakness in your body. Excessive masturbation can cause many disease. Above discussed problems are one of them.

  • Millions of living being killed

When be masturbate we release semen. And semen is a life giving fluid inside our body. According to brahmacharya and our mythologies the masturbation kills semen and those semen contains several life containing particles. So, this is one of the most harmfull effect of this addictiuon. But we believe in temporary happiness and neglect these things.

Brahmacharya and Celibacy


Solutions on How to Stop Masturbation

  • Staying away from things that forces you to masturbate

The first step to get rid of this addiction is to stay away from the things that raise sexual desires in your mind, like pornographic content and bad comapny. This can be your first step to get rid of this addiction.

  • Avoid the thought of masturbation and throw it out of your mind

As soon as the thought of masturbation comes in your mind. Uproot those feelings and throw it out of your mind. Even if there is a little desire neglect those desires and ask god for the determination to cope up with this addiction .

  • Divert the mind

When the desire of masturbation or any sexual desire arouse in your mind. Divert your mind to some other work or to your hobbies. This can really help you to get rid of this addiction .

  • Avoid being alone

To avoid masturbation, you must not be alone in your room. Whenever the thought rises get out of your room and go for a walk and spend some of your time with nature.

There are lot of things to do to get rid of this addiction but the above discussed techniques will help you to get rid of the addiction easily and fastly.

Also, you can do meditaion and also follow the brahmacharya and celibacy to get a successful life ahead.

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