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How to calm anxiety | Meditation: What is the purpose of meditation? | 5 Best Ways

How to calm anxiety

How to calm anxiety?

When you achieve it, you feel that you are going to be complete. A sense of completeness will supervene in your personality, and that is the purpose of meditation. This is what you think?

Whatever you have told me about this purpose of meditation is perfectly all right, but there is something more than that. You have reached only one stage; even if you go to the deepest level of yourself in the sense that you have tried to comprehend it, this is not the end of the journey.

There is something further. There is something greater than one’s deepest self because the word “me” has come. As long as these “I, you, he, she, it” terms continue to persist, we have not reached the ultimate aim of life.

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What is the purpose of meditation and how do you know when you have achieved this goal?

In the ultimate existence, there is no he, she, it, I, and you. Nobody will say “my Self, your Self,” etc. These ideas are empirical, tentative, relative, and connected with personality consciousness, and the Self is not a person, it is a Super-Person.

I am giving a hint that there is something more for you to know that the level you have reached now by this analysis. It will take some time even to understand what this great thing is.

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Knowing your deepest Self is identical to knowing God Himself. Purpose of meditation?

That will be a terrifying thing to hear! How will knowing the deepest level of my being be the same?

Thing as knowing God? You have an idea of God as the comprehensive Almighty, the universal omnipresent Being. Is He planted in my own heart at the deepest level of my being?

Then what is my relationship with God? After having known that in that deepest level you will have a sense of completeness, the question still persists as to what the relationship is between yourself and God. That is the next step. Whatever we have been discussing up to this time is the first step only.

We have not touched the second level. The second level is what your relationship to the cosmos, and to God Himself, is. That is the next step.

There is a book called the Bhagavad Gita. It has eighteen chapters. The first six chapters deal with all these questions, which we have been discussing just now—about the deepest Self and all that.

The next six chapters, from the seventh to the twelfth, touch upon this other question of what your relationship to the cosmos and to the Almighty Himself is, and then there is something more about it in the last six chapters.

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Depth study is necessary.

An in-depth study of this profundity is necessary. You cannot know the secret of things in a few minutes of discussion. That is why we say that for years you must be at the feet of a master to understand these things. Books do not always clarify these matters. It requires a divine blessing to come upon you.

According to Indian tradition, this blessing comes through the guru, and perhaps it may come through God Himself. It is a quest that will continue throughout your life. It is not a question of a few months or years, and it will continue until you don’t have a single doubt in your mind. You are asking how you will know that you have reached it. That is a question of doubt. A person who has reached it will not have any doubt.

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How do you know that it is daytime and not night, and how do you know that you are a human being?

How do you know that you are This is an intuitive perception, and you will have that kind of perception there. You will never have a question afterwards of whether you have reached it or not. A person who feels a doubt whether he has reached it or not has reached it. He is still outside it. You have to be at the feet of a guru for long years, and then these questions will be clarified.

We had also the humble blessing of being with a great master, Swami Sivananda. We have been with him physically for some twenty years, and whatever peace of mind we have today is due not to study, but due to being with him. The personality of the master exudes energy and a kind of blessing that is indescribable. You don’t know what this blessing means, actually.

You feel energized, clarified, elevated, strengthened, and a new light enters into you by merely having contact with him and seeing him every day, talking to him, and being near him.

The study of books is not sufficient.

You may read all the library, but still, doubts will persist. The company of a great master is necessary. Now you are on the right path, but it is still a long journey ahead. Be happy that you are on the path, but be also sure that you have to continue on this journey for a long time. You can also go for our premium courses. to check click here. How to calm anxiety

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