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The year 2021 is coming to an end and we are ready to welcome the new year 2022. There were many new developments this year. A unique yearly premium session group was started with the idea to educate, guide, motivate and implement tips and tricks in the brahmacharya lifestyle through ZOOM sessions done almost every 15 days. Also regular updates, voice messages, interaction with peers, direct advice from admin, etc as additional features. It was based on the concept of virtual Gurukul where you get constant regular guidance and motivation so there is no break in your spiritual journey and to achieve freedom from PMO. Many subscribers had this complaint that they are not regular in their spiritual practice and they do it for a few days, then leave it. Through this premium session group, this problem is solved as the subscribers get a recording of the session conducted and they can practice the session daily for the next 15 days till the next new session is conducted. The subscribers also have the advantage of watching previous sessions if they missed them or joined late. Full 1 year means a long-term change in brain wiring results in permanent brain transformation. Those who have joined are marching ahead very fast in their progress and they have shared their success stories. On-demand especially by students, charges were also reduced from @Rs 3000/- to Rs 1000/- for 1 year. This is very economical as compared to paying for one-time sessions every time.

Today there was a Q & A session for the two sessions conducted recently “Yogic healing for manpower” & “Third eye meditation”. We had invited questions from the participants and then we selected the most important questions to cover all aspects. Queries of almost everybody were resolved by the answers to these select questions. The session went for almost 1 hour, which had immense knowledge and clarified all doubts. Though the session was meant for premium session group members only, we are sharing the audio recording of the session as it is very helpful for all.

The main questions asked are as follows:

1.  How to do spiritual practice in a busy schedule, late-night study or job, evening or morning

2.  I want to become a chef. How will I follow celibacy, sattvic diet?

3.  How do we know that our third eye meditation goes in the right direction? Is bath necessary before spiritual practice? How much time meditation be done? What is the right way to grow on the spiritual path?

4.  Preference should be given to the body or soul? What is the vibration in the third eye?

5.  What is the Thought transference concept as told by Swami Vivekananda?

6.  How to overcome negative vibrations?

7.  How to increase semen production and its effects?

8.  How masturbation affects the brain and memory of students?

9.  If we control dopamine by brain rewiring, what will happen if I talk to girls or marry?

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