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What is Spirituality ?

What is Spirituality ? Spirituality is the broad concept of believing something beyond self. It can involve the religious terms or some thing else that a persons belief and follow its path. There is...

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Brahmacharya : What is Brahmacharya and its Benefits

Whats is Brahmacharya ? “Brahmacharya pratishtayam viaryalabhaha” Brahmacharya = celibacy; Pratishtayam = established; Viarya = vigour; Iabhaha = gained.“On being established in celibacy vigour is gained.” Lets break Brahmacharya in words and see what is its literal meaning. Brahma means ‘Divine‘...


Is Bramacharya, Key to success?

Brahmacharya for me is the key to success. One must practice it during their student life. Swami Sivananda considers brahmacharya as the way to achieve the bliss of god and to become invincibleand is only...