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Musical Dance Healing For Lust & Porn Addiction

This is spiritual cosmic science. There is an entity called spiritual cosmic dance. You know of Sun and planets. The planets revolving around the Sun are actually dancing around the Sun. Thousands of Sun-like stars revolve around the nebula and such bigger ones are called as a galaxy. Actually, they dance around each other the “Cosmic dance”. The galaxy “dances” around the universe or “brahmaand”. The brahmaand/nature dances around man”purush” which we cannot see with the naked eye but can be felt with divine eyes of spiritual knowledge. The “purush-brahmaand” revolves around God and all of them dance for the ‘Par-brahm” or the infinite. It does not have its own existence but still exists. This is a cosmic spiritual secret. This magnanimous cosmic dance actually is the sustenance of this universe. A physical embodiment of this cosmic dance was discovered by one of the great sage “Bharatmuni” on whose name is the classical dance “Bharatnatyam”.   The original purpose was to please the infinity and attain spiritual growth and bliss. It is the purest form of experiencing spiritual power. But over time, when it was used to please another man for example “Apsara Maneka” luring “Rishi Vishwamitra” with her dance depicted in our epics, the originality of this spiritual classical dance was lost and it got mixed with emotions of lust. The classical dance is purely for uplifting spiritual cosmic energy. The same is for other classical dances like Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak etc. These dances have a typical cosmic energy vibration that helps in healing that spiritual entity that is present in all of us. It helps in the rising of that vibration, the life energy which is vital for spiritual progress and freedom from the vice of lust. It is recommended to watch and listen to this video early in the morning after taking bath in a pure peaceful atmosphere sitting straight on an “aasan” or mat. This video has been created to help you to get the maximum benefits of the Dance healing method.

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