Brahmacharya : What is Brahmacharya and its Benefits

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Whats is Brahmacharya ?

“Brahmacharya pratishtayam viaryalabhaha”

Brahmacharya = celibacy; Pratishtayam = established; Viarya = vigour; Iabhaha = gained.
“On being established in celibacy vigour is gained.”

Lets break Brahmacharya in words and see what is its literal meaning. Brahma means ‘Divine‘ and Charya means the ‘path‘. Which means if you are on the path of divine or you are following the path of the divine then you are a brahmachari. If you want to follow the path of the divine then you must not have the personal feeling or feeling of the choice.

If you want to follow Brahmacharya then you simply do what is required or needed. You should not have any like or dislikes or you think what you should do in life, All those feelings were taken away from you.

If you follow this path of barhmacharya unwillingly then it can be a torture of your lifetime. That is why you must follow the path of th divine willingly because then you will feel that your has become more easy, you are more focused in your life. Because you do not have any thing to bother. You just do what you need to do. Then you will realise that how much simple and easy life is. If you choose this ultimate path of Brahmacharya then you should be worried about spiritual path or spirituality, All of these will automatically taken care of.


If you think that people who follow brahmacharya is wasting their life. Then you are totally wrong. Yes it is true that the life is torture. But for the person who is following the path of the brahmacharya does not care of the worldly or outer happiness. They only care for their inner happines or soul happiness all those external happiness become meaningless for them.

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Everyone Should Follow Brahmacharya

Does it really mean that we all should follow the ultimate path of the Brahmacharya ? Yes, we all should follow this ultimate path of the divine not interms of lifestyle but internally. Brahmacharya does not only mean celibacy. It is much more than celibacy. We can say that celibacy is one part of the Brahmacharya. People can be married but still they can be Brahmachari. It is possible because you are joyful by your nature. You are not extracting joy from your partner. That is the reason anyone can be Brahmachari or can follow Brahmacharya. All these things depends on their nature. If your nature is joyful you can easily follow this ultimate path of divine.

Brahmacharis are Investment of future

Have you ever thought that why there is process set for everything ? If only the realization is necessary at the end of the life, then there are many other ways to make people realize or we can set a date for the realization. But if we want to explore this not only explore those things but to also make it happen for other people. Then Brahmacharya comes in the role. Thats why Brahmacharis are investment for future to pass on this knowledge from generation to generation. Thats why we need some people to teach other people about brahmacharya. The flow of energy in their body if they follow Brahmacharya. All these things we need to teach our next generation.

All of us have eaten mangoes, but how many of us have planted mango trees, made them grow and then eaten mangoes?

Most people eats mango from the tree which is planted by someone else. In every society or village out of thousand people hardly ten people take care of the mango tree. But we all enjoy those mangoes. Similarly we need very few people to take the path of the brahmacharya and started to think of our society. Because if there is no one to think of other’s wellbeing then that society is definetly headed towards darkness.

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Benefits of Brahmacharya

There are lots of Benefits of Brahmacharya. But lets see some them below .

1. You will have a wonderful memory, Iike some saint or Swami vivekanand . Ultimately you will perform well in your school lessons as you will be able to remember facts well.

2. You will have strong will-power. You will have courage to say NO to the wrong.

3. You will have a strong, healthy body which will not fall a prey to diseases easily. It will be able to ward off diseases.

4. Your nervous system or eventually you will be strong. You will not have any fear against evil things in the society.

5. You will have a attractive personality. Your face will glow like a great saint. You will attract people towards you if you follow brahmacharya. Your external beauty and confidence will boost up.

6. When you follow Brahmacharya you will always progress on the pat which will lead you to the God. More love will generate in your heart for God and the people who surrounds you. Yu will have pure and noble habits. Ultimately you will be rich in term of health and wealth also. Also you will attract and influence people who will come in contact with you.

7. When you take up any kind of work in later life your earning capacity will be high as you will have good concentration and application to your work due to practice of Brahmacharya. You will be able to achieve more in much less time than others.

8. Once the semen or vital force is lost, it will not be easy to recoup the same. Saints say that the semen that is preserved is taken up to the brain where it is stored. Great personalities utilise this stored up power, called Ojas Shakti, for high and noble purposes, like seeking God, for art and music, for serving the poor and needy, etc. Saints accomplish great things mainly through the power of the Ojas Shakti. The Ojas Shakti is indeed a marvellous power.

These are some of the benefits of brahmacharya. Which we must follow and lead a healthy and spiritual life. Brahmacharya is not only restricting yourself from the sexual pleasure but also from the all the negative things which surrounds you.

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