Audio Counselling

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You can consult manthanhub through Audio Counselling/ Phone counselling regarding  Addiction free life, Lifestyle, Health, Brahmacharya, Yoga, Mediation etc

How to take Audio Counselling/Phone Counselling ?

Step – 1 👉Pay Rs.500 through Paytm/Phone Pay/Google Pay to the QR code as given below. You can talk for 15 minutes only.

Payment Link –

Step – 2 👉 After successful payment, take the screenshot of payment

Step – 3 👉 Send the following details to the email address –

1. Your name, age, place and profession
2. Telegram Mobile number
3. Payment Screenshot
4. Your query or problems

Step -4 👉 After receipt of your above details , we will process your request and Call you after intimation through Telegram Messenger within 24-48 hours.

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