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Yogasana for Brahmacharya

Yogasana for Brahmacharya and Sex TransmutationYogasana for Brahmacharya

Yogasana for Brahmacharya is a major part towards successful Practice of Brahmacharya. The Practice of Brahmacharya at Mental & Spiritual level is not enough rather Physical Brahmacharya by means of Yogasana for Brahmacharya plays a crucial role. Here we have tried to remind you a Vaisheshik Sutra written by a Gujarati Sage Acharya Kanad in the 600 BCE. The sutra says “Vedah Nimittavesheshat Karmno Jayate”. Nowadays this Sutra is Known as Newton’s First Law. This Law stated that ” An object at rest tends to stay at rest and object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force”.  If we apply this Newton’s first law towards Brahmacharya Lifestyle we may conclude that a knowledgeable person in Brahmacharya may not get rid off all problems related to Physical, Mental & Bad habits unless he imbibes Brahmacharya Lifestyle.

The Yogasana for Brahmacharya which has been instructed in this articles are the main parts of Brahmacharya Lifestyle. A lot of people contacted Manthanhub and told how they are facing a lot of problem due to bad habits. They all appreciate our videos But one question they ask again and again ” How to be successful in Semen Retention, Sex Transmutation, and Brahmacharya.

Three things to keep in Mind

We want to instruct only three things to implement in life. If you keep it in mind and practice those Yogasana for brahmacharya, You will experience the true benefits practically in a few days. Before Practicing Brahmacharya Tips & Asanas you need to keep in mind that without cleaning the mirror it is not possible to see your face clearly. So clean the mirror. Similarly, your Biological & Psychological System have been contaminated due to bad association, bad habit, and negative environment. You need to decontaminate your system with the help of Tools & tips as given in Manthanhub videos. You need to try and practice the Tips and “step by step guidelines” as per our videos. Your repeated practice and contemplation during “Brahmamuhurta” would result from a permanent impression in Subconscious mind only in ten days It would be a part of your life and everything will seem easy.

Second, we not only make our video informative but we make it inspiring so that you could be inspired out of it. Watching the inspirational video and implementing the inspiration are separate things. The inspiration only ignites your conscious mind you need to imbibe the inspiration on that day or next day and physical exercise and meditation are helpful for this. The imbibing is fixed in subconscious mind in ten days if you take the immediate action otherwise your subconscious mind may be affected by a negative impression.

It may arise negative thought like ” nothing happened, nothing is happening and nothing is possible”. This negative thought is very harmful which may spoil your life, so always beware of it. If you practice and make a positive thought as “everything is fine and everything is possible”. This positive thought would make you an inspirational character itself, so remember this.

Internal Cleansing Process

We are going to tell you the internal cleansing process through  Yogasana for brahmacharya and it will affect the nearby muscles of Private Part making it Strengthened and Systematic. As a result, the nervous organism would function efficiently your sexual strength would become powerful. You can revitalize your Body throughSex Transmutation. At first warm up you Body by morning walking for 20 minutes or by normal exercise. If you do this Asana in the morning after the bath you will experience tremendous result and it would help you in Meditation.

PadapashchimotasanYogasana for Brahmacharya


Spread a woolen mat on the floor and sit on it with the legs extended out together. Hold both the big toes with the index fingers, and bend forward while trying to touch the forehead to the knees by bending from the waist. The knees should remain flat on the ground. If the knees bend a little in the beginning, it does not matter. Only by regular practice can this Asana be perfected. Avoid too much exertion while doing this Asana. One should eat one or two green ladies ‟s fingers after 15 minutes of performing this Asana. Apples too are beneficial.


The practice of this Ísana purifies the nerves, which helps enhance one‟s working capacity and cures many diseases. Various physical disorders like indigestion, constipation, common cold, acute coryza, productive cough, backache, hiccups, leucoderma, urinary diseases, wet dreams, seminal disorders, appendicitis, sciatica, urethritis, jaundice, insomnia, asthma, hyperacidity, nervous debility, uterine disorders, menstrual irregularity, impotency (sterility), blood related disorders, stunted growth and many other diseases are cured by this Asana.

No.1 BrahmacharyasanaYogasana for Brahmacharya

Method :

Sit on knees on [the] blanket. Extend the legs on both sides with both the hands-on-knees now place the bottom on the ground between both the legs. Keep the eyes in front and sit calmly. Practice this Asana for 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping repeating the Mantra Ohm Aryamaye Namah with Faith while doing this Asana gives special benefits.

Benefits :

it helps in maintaining. Damaged area, helps in controlling sexual impulses making it flow upwards. It reduces the heat in nerves because of which this Asana. Reduces the problems like wet dreams. It strengthens our brahmacharya and keeps our stomach clean.

No.2 Mayurasana

Yogasana for Brahmacharya

Sit on your knees on a carpet. Keep the hands on the ground in such a way that the fingers are joined and are in the direction of the feet. Bend both the Elbows resting them near the Navel. Now bend the body in front and extend the legs backward. Breathing out, raise both the legs from the ground and bend the head so that the body is parallel to the ground. The weight of the whole body is on the pants. While doing this asana the concentration should be on Manipur Chakra. Remain in the position as much as possible. Then slowly come back to the original position.

benefits :

Mayurasana is highly beneficial for Brahmacharya. Palms and Arms become strong it is greatly useful for diabetic patients also and this enhances the regular flow of blood in the body hence all organs of the body becomes strong and efficient.

Caution :

People suffering from high blood pressure and hernia should not do this Asana

No.1 Shushupta-VajrasanaYogasana for Brahmacharya

Sit in Vajrasan with both the Thighs together and lie down towards the back. Let both thighs be together. Now releasing the breath put the left hand under the shoulder of the right hand and right hand under the shoulder of the left hand. Keep the head above the cross formed by such placements of hands. Perform Tribandh after releasing the breath. The concentration should be on Vishudhakshya Chakra.

Benefits :

It gives relaxation to the Spinal cord. All inner gland becomes strong. It improves appetite and removes painful tough stools. It is also useful in Wet Dreams, Ejaculation of Semen, stones, deafness, eye weakness, tonsils etc.

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Sex Transmutation Story

Sex Transmutation StorySex Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari

Sex Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari is one of an Inspiring Sex Transmutation Story. Many people Practice but You have reached the Perfection level. Everyone gives birth but you have realized the true purpose of birth. Everyone gives birth but you have realized the true purpose of birth. This informative on Historical King Bhartrihari is a true example of how a person may reach to perfection level through focus and practice. You can learn some life-changing lesson from the  Sex Transmutation Story of Bhartrihari. You may not be required to copy the action of King Bhartrihari but draw some Lifestyle tips to maintain a balance between Sex life & Normal Life.

The practice of Brahmacharya Tips is Beneficial for all

People suffer bad health physically & mentally because they choose Sexual pleasure as a Goal. There is more bliss in life superior than Sex. If the person learns the Art of Living, he will not be a craze for Sex rather he would know the basis of Sexual Pleasure and build an Extraordinary Life. You may be suffering Mental & physical Distress due to Nightfall, Excess masturbation or Sexual Activities. If you follow the Brahmacharya Tips as per the previous Articles, You can be successful everywhere irrespective of married or un-married Sex Transmutation is beneficial for all. Before giving light on the Sex Transmutation Story, let’s give you one example of Sex Transmutation in Manthanhub Community.

Example of Sex TransmutationSex Transmutation Story

Sex Transmutation boosts your thought power and there is an amazing Change in Body. You can see the photo of one of our Team member, photo before & After Sex Transmutation. Basically, there are two types of people, one goes for Material Success and the second goes for Spiritual Advancement. The most severe obstruction on the path is Excess Sexual Thought. Youths contacted manthanhub and told that they are suffering Excess Semen Loss due to Excess Sexual Thought. We have given the proof in our previous articles. For this reason, youths are not able to achieve their ambition. They are advised to often go to a positive environment. They needn’t go to Jungle. You need to understand the Science of Celibacy and follow Celibacy Tips so that you will be able to control yourself and Excess Sexual thought as well. You can lead a happy and successful life followed by moving towards your Aim without hesitation. Thus, You are advised to read & watch Sex Transmutation Story of successful people in our articles and Youtube Videos.

Sex Transmutation StoryThe relation between Science and Spirituality

Maybe your Aim is Spiritual or Material. This article is not only telling about Sex Transmutation Story but before that bringing some amazing information on the relation between Science and Spirituality and This is one of a major secret of life.  It is essential to know this secret and it is your right to know. We have told about a Historical King who opted the Yog path after renouncing the Erotic Path.  We are not intent you to be a Yogi or Sannyasi like the King Bhartrihari did But you need to control the fire of Excess Sex Desire so that it should not be a barrier to your Aim.

Sex Transmutation StoryQuantum Mechanics

Austrian Irishish Physicist “Erwin Schrodinger” got Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Wave Function. He is known as the Father of Quantum Mechanics.  According to his Theory, every particle in this Universe is a Wavefunction including Stars, Planets Galaxies, Human, Animals etc. They all are some way equivalent and connected to a Central Particle.  The Creation and Destruction of such particles are a continuous process.  It is known as Unity and  Continuity of Wave Mechanics.  When Erwin Schrodinger came to read “Veda & Upanishad” he was astonished to find the truth of Wave Mechanics written thousand years ago in Upanishads.  The Unity & Continuity theory was said by Erwin is also illustrated by Vedanta.  The gist of Veda & Upanishad is known as “Vedanta”  According to Vedanta the whole Universe is internally & Externally pervaded by Brahm.  The universe may seem very vast and surprising but it is the portion of “Brahm “.  Brahm” is contained in everything. You may not be getting this point but you will get it one day Because you would need to contemplate on this advance knowledge.  You may get the point of Vedanta or not, if you contemplate on the assumption of Vedanta even for a while You would experience a mental peace and the pressure of Sexual Desire lessens accordingly. Erwin Schrodinger wrote in his Book “Meine Weltansicht”. The life you live is not a small portion of this universe but it sees everything inside itself. You are not aware of this fact, you cannot witness it in a narrow vision. You need to understand a Upanishadic Formula to get the point. The formula is “Tat Twam Asi” means “You are that you spread from east to west, you are there, under and above all. You are pervading the whole Universe. According to this Theory, We should show Sympathy & Love for all. The Sympathy and Love for all purify you internally. You will find the Excess Sexual Desire is weakening. The Modern Scientists had also appreciated the amazing relation between Modern Science and Bharatiya Vedant. If you read the life of Scientists like Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, and Nikola Tesla,  You will realize that Any such attraction like Sex becomes powerless If any person tries to understand the advance knowledge.  These Scientists are the examples who had possessed Self Control. It is good to make a habit of reading books of Advance Knowledge which facilitates to develop an attribute of Self Control. This habit elevates from Sexual Desire.

The Theory of Uncertainty & VedantSex Transmutation Story

We want to tell another Scientific Principle. If you get the point of that Principle you can divert your mind from Sexual Desire and save yourself from Bad habits.  According to the Uncertainty Principle of Werner Heisenberg, we cannot measure the Position and Momentum of a matter at the same time. This Principle resembles with Vedanta.  Vedanta Speaks about the false illusion of a Snake if you see a rope in the darkness. Similarly, if the person blindly runs behind Sexual Pleasure, He will find pleasure in Sex only. He cannot be able to see the truth behind Sexual Pleasure. All misunderstanding and illusion wash away when the person sees the truth of rope with the Help of “Knowledge Light”. The Third eye opens up with the help of Modern Science and Spiritual Science. The Third eye is your practical Experience & Realization. Every Desire irrespective of Sexual desire melts away just like Ice melts in sun rays.

Practice makes a Man perfectSex Transmutation Story

We have taken inspiration from the sex transmutation story of Great Yogis. The King we are going to tell turned into a Yogi from most Erotic life. This Sex Transmutation story is very Innovative and Inspiring. This is not our intention to encourage Normal people to be a Yogi But by means of Practice, one can control oneself though he may be suffering from depression and down due to excess sexual Activities. He would be able to build up such a mentality which is not possible to achieve even after years of hard work and arbitrary method. With that Mindset, he can lead a successful, happy & respectful life.

Inspiring Story of Kind BhartrihariSex Transmutation Story

Let’s know how The King “Bhartrihari” did Sex Transmutation. Bhartrihari was the King of Ujjain City in Ancient Bharat. He was not much keen on Royal works but interested in Romance & Sex. He had more than 100 wives and the most beautiful & dearest to King was Queen  Pingala. One day, a Brahmin came to the palace and gave a fruit and told that if someone eats this divine fruit. The person would obtain youth and longevity forever. The King gave it to Queen Pingala because he loved her so much. Queen Pingala gave this fruit to one of an Officer of Palace as she loves him so much. The Officer gave it to a Prostitute because he loves her so much. The prostitute gave it to King Bhartrihari because she loved him so much. When the King found the fruit back to his hand, he researched and knew the matter. He felt very dispassionate and thought that “Nobody has nothing to do with anybody”.  He wrote in his “Neeti Shatak”. Shame on me because I love the queen Pingala but she loves somebody else. Shame on Pingala, Shame on Officer, Shame on the Prostitute.  They all are cheating themselves. The King handed over his Kingship to his younger Brother “Vikramaditya” and left the palace forever. In course of time, he found his Master. He became able to experience the knowledge of Vedanta a and finally became successful in Sex Transmutation.

Bhartrihari Artistic WritingsSex Transmutation Story

He wrote three “Shataks” such as Shringar Shatak, Neeti Shatak and Vairagya Shatak. He wrote his experience of  Romance & Sex in Shringar Shatak. His Neeti Shatak Contains 100 Slokas about Morality. Vairagya Shatak contains 100 Slokas and any person may try to find the way out of the illusion of Sex if he reads Vairagya Shatak. Though the person may not be able to get rid of sex impulse fully he may inspire himself enough to alter his Life Direction.  if anyone reads Vairagya Shatak. Maybe his life ambition is Material or Spiritual, The impact of Excess Sexual Thought weakens on the path but it depends how you contemplate and utilize the power of Self-Control.

Some meanings of selected slokas of Vairagya Shatak

Vairagya Shatak Slok No.12  We did not enjoy the lust but the lust enjoyed and spoiled us. The time did not pass but we passed away. The lust & desire never suffered old age But we suffered old age

Slok No.14  The face wrinkled, hair whitened, the whole body got loosed But lust! your young age never ends.

Slok No.15  One day the “Sex or Lust” will surely leave us though we may enjoy it as much we like, means we would not be able to enjoy the pleasure of Sex. If the human voluntarily gives up this desire then there is no difference in this partition. The human will suffer acute pain if the Desire kicks him up But if he voluntarily shuns it, he would be happy & peaceful. You could be successful in Sex Transmutation imbibing the inspiration form the  Video. You can maintain balance in your life too.

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sex transmutation music

Sex Transmutation Music for rebooting Subconscious mind

sex transmutation musicMusic plays an important role in human life. It affects human body biologically and Psychologically. Appropriate Music with Raaga created positive vibration. Subsequently, it generates positive energy & new cells in the body. It is helpful in Sex Transmutation, Celibacy or Brahmacharya. The Music you are going to listen has been arranged with a certain Indian classical raga. You are recommended to use your headphone to get the full benefit. If you listen to this music continuously for half an hour, you will get instant relief from stress and depression. Sex Transmutation Music is not only helpful in Celibacy or Brahmacharya but also highly beneficial towards boosting of self-confidence, achieving deep meditation state and rebooting of the subconscious mind. You can download the music from the link below


depression treatment

Depression Treatment  for Youth from Excess Semen Loss

depression treatment

Depression Treatment for Youth is proportional to Sex Transmutation and Brahmacharya. The study reveals that a large proportion of Youth Population is suffering Depression due to Excess Semen Loss.  Sex Impulse causes Sexual  Excitement followed by loss of Semen but The  Practice of Brahmacharya paves the way to reprogramming of Subconscious Mind which finally facilitates reduce of Sex Impulse. The more you preserve your Semen the more you gain Mental Stability. Depression level goes down accordingly and you achieve tranquility of Mind. This is the Best Depression Treatment Formula.

How many people are suffering Depression

According to the latest report by the World Health Organization, there are 322 Million depression patients across the world, out of the 38 million only Indians. 7.5% of Indian Population are suffering Depression and Other Mental Disorder, According to Indian Institute of Mental Health & Neuroscience, one out of 20 Indians are suffering from Depression and other Mental Disorder. Half of the Patients are not being given Depression treatment properly. Most of the reason for the Mental disorder is not diagnosed. The researchers counseled the Mental Patients properly and revealed the astonishing figure of Mental Patients. 80% of Mental Patients have the root cause of excess semen loss. Researchers and Psychologists tried their best to stabilize the condition of Patients and they undertook Depression Treatment to Patients for a few months by the Technology “Field Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Deep Science Discovdepression treatmentery by Great Yogi

This Technology succeeded in Depression Treatment temporarily because it is not able to reprogram the subconscious mind Impression. No Medicine or Scientific Equipment is able to reprogram the subconscious mind Impression. Subconscious Mind Impression causes Sex Impulse and It has not been yet discovered by Science but thanks to Advance Yogi like Swami Shivanand who undertook Deep Science Discovery and such Yogis are appreciated by Modern Scientist like Dr.Nicole.

Dr. Nicole

With reference to his Mental Patients, Dr.Nicole suggested reprogramming of Subconscious Mind Impression through Brahmacharya Tips otherwise Person would be craving for Sexual Pleasure. As a result, The person would not be able to live a continent life which prompts excess loss of Semen and the depression treatment & treatment of the Mental disorder is impossible for them. The Symptoms of the Mental disorder are Sadness, loss of Interest & pleasure, feeling guilty & worthless, sleep disturbance & loss of Appetite, tiredness & mental fatigue, Lack of concentration, Anxiety & fear.

India the future largest youth power country

50% of Indian Population is less than 25 years, 65% of Population is less than 35 years, The average age of every Indian will be 29 years by 2020. India is going to be a largest youth power country by 2020. After witnessing the condition of Mental patients, it seems that Majority of Youths are suffering depression and Mental Disorder, the Future of country may be anticipated by configuring the above matter.

The Mental Condition of Youth

depression treatment


One of a youth contacted Manthanhhub and told his sorrowful and depressive life. I want to follow Celibacy throughout life but I am porn addicted. How could I quit masturbation? I was a Genius in my School life but now I am not able to memorize anything. I  determine to quit Masturbation but not able to retain Semen for more than two days. Once I was able to retain Semen for 19 days and the result was outstanding but once again I started masturbation and spoiled my life thoroughly.

Please help me out. I am going through a detrimental Health Condition because  I am masturbating for two years. I feel that I am near to Death. My condition is very critical. I am down with Anxiety and Fear and I need regular Guidance. I am not getting any Environment and support.

After six months of research, I got connected to your website. You are my last hope. I am going through severe depression state. I am not able to focus on anything. There was a time while preparing for a Sanskrit Speech I was able to memorize 3-4 chapters in one night. I was district Chess Champion at the age of 12 years. I taught math to my friends in such a manner that they used to tell me Genius. But due to Bad habits of Masturbation, I have destroyed my life totally. I want my glory back.


Sir, I have a Problem, I watch Brahmacharya related videos and able to retain for 70-80 days but nowadays I masturbate twice-thrice in a day. My condition such severe that I have the suicidal feeling. My family members and friends tell me, I was very handsome but nobody talks to me nowadays. They do not talk to me because I am looking ugly. I am not able to see my face in the mirror because I have pits around my eyes, Rashes on my Face. I got failed in the 12th exam. My depression reached to such an extent that I am not able to talk, I feel whole Body Pain, my mouth smells very bad, I lost my hair. There is no hope another way than Death.

This is very shocking. These are only two examples but there may be millions of youths who may be suffering critical condition. They may be trying to find solutions from everywhere to stabilize themselves. We get help when we help others. A person is not able to be stable alone but the time he spares some time with Community, he is blessed with high morale.

Gain of Ability

One non-swimmer cannot save his life in water. There is no question of saving others. But a Swimmer can save his life in the depth of water. A good swimmer can not only save himself but he is able to save others too. Similarly, If you imbibe Brahmacharya tips and practice of Brahmacharya as recommended by Manthanhub, You would not only be able to stabilize yourself but guide others and bring them back to Goodness from Negative thoughts. To fructify your ambition we have created a Community discussion forum to bind Manthanhub Community safely and securely. You can create an awesome online Community by sharing your thoughts.

Keep on goingdepression treatment

This step of Depression Treatment is very Inspiring as the problem of seekers may not take much time to resolve. We would tell finally that when you drive at night, you can only see ahead up to approx. 100 mts. The more we drive forward, we are able to see the way ahead. We continue the journey like this and reach out to our Destination. Similarly, continue your journey as per the guidance of previous and oncoming articles, surely you can see the way ahead and reach to become successful on your path.

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Healthy Semen

Powerful Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Semen

healthy semen

Time never comes back, once it is passed but nothing is impossible in this world, strong willpower turns impossible into possible. There is a solution to every problem but we need to gather right information at right time. Nowadays most of the youths are suffering from many physical and mental illness due to excess loss of Semen by means of Bad habits like Masturbation and any such bad habits which involve loss of Healthy Semen. There persists a lot of Biological, Psychological and Physiological Imbalance due to loss of Healthy Semen.

Powerful Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Semenhealthy semen

We have brought for you some effective Ayurvedic Remedies to recover from excess semen loss. We can’t resolve all issue at once but gradually you may resolve many issues like thin Semen, weak body, and vigorless Body by utilizing those tips for Healthy Semen.

Tip No.1

During summer make a mixture of 200 gm Amla powder & 200 gm of Candy, keep it in a bottle. Take one full spoon each with water in the morning and in the evening. During Winter take Turmeric in place of Candy. Take this for one to two months and give a break for one week in between. Start taking it once again after the break. Consumption of “Amla” is very beneficial and it beautifies our body. It empowers and solidifies the Semen curing diseases like nightfall. It also produces Healthy Semen.

Tip No.2healthy semen

Take “Ashwagandha” for three months with milk. Both Ashwagandha Powder and tablets are available in Market. Ashwagandha powder is very effective but it is very sour. Take only half of spoonful. If you are not able to take “Ashwagandha Powder” then take tow Tablets but keep in mind consume “Ashwagandha” with Milk in both the cases.

healthy semenTip No.3

Gum solidifies Semen resulting Healthy Semen, cures nightfall and other seminal fluid weakness. Take one-fourth of a Spoonful and soak in 60 ml of water for two hours. After that drink it along with the water.There is a precaution in this Remedy. Take only less quantity of Gum and Don’t take “Gum” continuously for more than one week. maintain a two weeks gap and then take it once again for one week
If you take continuously for more than one week, it will kill your appetite. So take it in the right quantity and right duration as per the guidance.

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Meditation Techniques

Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation

Meditation Techniques


Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation

There are many Meditation types but meditation techniques which we are describing here are the Best Meditation Techniques for Sex Transmutation. We can’t measure fully the meditation benefits. Meditation benefits have the much positive impact on Human Biology, Physiology, Psychology.  We have brought forward several articles on Basics of Brahmacharya and Brahmacharya Tips but for the first time, we have suggested Best Meditation Techniques here to make your Brahmacharya Practice and Sex Transmutation.

Algorithm of LifeMeditation Techniques

The Algorithm of life is created in such a manner that every human being is searching for an unknown truth of life. Unknowingly the human being is searching for means to achieve Completeness and Permanent happiness in life. Most of the people are not able to achieve the completeness because they do not know the exact function of Natural Algorithm of Life. Due to this reason the person treats himself as a Machine, as the machine functions as per the button pressed. Similarly, the person presses the sexual part to get happiness. The Illusion is at peak. Just by the mere act of pressing a button would decide who is going to be happy and who is not. The Method of happiness has gone to such an inferior level that life became an Artificial Computer Programme resulting leakage of Secret coding. Let us know about the Illusory Agent first before knowing about Meditation Techniques

Illusory Artificial AgentMeditation Techniques

The human, The system, The Algorithm, and The Program are the same but the controller is someone else. The controller is distracting the person by misguiding and providing illusory momentary happiness. As a result, the person is mad before the momentary pleasure of Sex and dependent outside for this. The human life is just like a Computer Program as shown in the Hollywood Movie The Matrix. That Program is taken over by an Artificial Agent and consequently, the program is out of control by the human. The Artificial Agent pressed the button of Human Program and get him to do the work as per his wish but the human is not keen to do the same. This Movie taught the lesson to understand “Nature”, to understand our own life and lead life vigilantly accordingly so that we needn’t roam outside for eternal happiness and get our program controlled by Illusory Agent.

Anything more exciting than Sex?

To understand the Meditation Techniques here, You need some necessary Qualification, You need to ask a question first. When you get the Answer, You crossed the first Step of Meditation Techniques. The question is “Is there anything more exciting than Sex? Is there anything more exciting than Sex? The answer is “The purpose of Life”.

Good Examples

Let’s take a Good example. The Torch of Life gets on by Sex. The thing we want to see or we are searching for is more important and exciting than Sex. Sex is the battery of the Torch and it is inferior to the cause and purpose of the Torch. The life and Birth process of human life is compared to Electric Pump and it has parts like Fan, Magnet, Support etc. The Electricity to run the Motor is Sex, The fan is the human who is always moving in a circular motion. The existence of Pump becomes valueless for the person who pays much value to the Electricity-Sex and makes it their sole Motive.

The Pump Theory

But please wait. There is much more ahead and that is “the reason for the existence of the Pump”. The reason for the existence of Pump is always present there though it has no relation to the Fan & Electricity. Just see the Pump how it is throwing a Jet of Water to the Sky. The Jet of Water is of no less Exciting than the Electricity which runs the Pump. The Purpose of Pump is more important than the Pump, So the purpose of life and Truth is more beautiful than the life itself. The Meditation Techniques help in Experiencing the beauty of Life.

Consciousness is everythingMeditation Techniques

It is necessary to understand ” The man can be an Eminent Scientist with his Intellectual Power and can do wonderful discovery” But it is True. No discovery and research are possible without “Consciousness”. The Consciousness vitalizes the “Intellect”. The man may achieve the highest success in Material Science but he cannot negate the Spiritual Truth of “Consciousness”

Meditation uncovers the illusionMeditation Techniques

The person reaches to Consciousness state through Meditation techniques described here followed by Super consciousness State. There is the Solution to all problems in that State. In this State, the root cause of all problems come at the palm of the Meditator, the person laughs at it and Joke on it saying that “You had trapped me in illusion and made me the madman of Sex”. It didn’t let me understand beyond Sex. It made me laugh, cry, Egoist and unconscious. The root cause of all problems is “Illusion” and it is given the name as “Avidya” by successful Yogi. Meditation techniques in this video would help in removal of Ignorance (Avidya). By Meditation Practice, we are blessed with Biological, Physiological and Psychological benefits. The most famous Meditation is “Kundalini Yog”.

You need to follow certain rules to be successful in Kundalini Yog but the research says, the Kundalini Energy gets activated easily if a person leads continent and simple life by doing “Kayakalp Meditation-Sahaj Dhyan” every early morning before Sunrise. We are not talking about Kundalini Yog but talking about “Sahaj Dhyan- Kayakalp Meditation” which is a Step by Step Meditation techniques and very easy to do. Kayakalp Meditation techniques lead to Super-Consciousness State. Genius Yogis have suggested consuming “Sattvic Diet” to achieve this state.

Meditation Practice Step – oneMeditation Techniques

Practice Meditation in a Silent place. Meditation Practice is very beneficial before Sunrise and half an hour before and after Sunset. Do your morning routine and practice it in empty stomach. At first, do some “Asanas” and stretch your body, smoothen your breathing. Do any “4 to 5 Asanas” as per your choice. Sit in a mate in “Padmasan or Sukhasan Posture”. “Kambal Mate” is the best Mate. Take the long breath in and breath out for ten minutes.

PranayamaMeditation Techniques

Do “Nadisodhan PranayamaAnulok Vilom Pranayama”. It purifies 72000 Nadis or subtle channels of Body”. If you correctly practice Nadisodhan Pranayama” it enables breathing process from both the nostrils and finally, it facilitates tranquility of mind instantly. Read Article about “Pranayama” in Manthanhub blog.


Meditation Practice Step – two

Sit calmly with eyes half closed & half opened and touch your tongue to mouth palate. Dr. Diamond says touching the tongue to mouth palate centralizes life energy which enables concentration easier. Concentrate in between eyebrows and observe your breath carefully. When you breathe in, just imagine that you are receiving Health-Happiness-Knowledge-Confidence. When you breathe out, count it. Breath in and imagine positivity. Breath in and Feel Positive energy. Breath out and count one. Breath in and feel a positive energy. Breath out and count two. Gradually you may increase the number counting to reach a hundred.

Meditation benefitsMeditation Techniques

By the practice of this Meditation, the breath process becomes very slow and the person goes to a mild sleep state. This sleep state is different from the normal sleep state. It is known as Journey to the Subconscious Mind. By more Practice, the person goes from subconsciousness level to consciousness state. The person may not experience his body and he remains in the deep meditative state. By more and more Practice the person goes from subconsciousness level to consciousness state. This is the optimum state of “Kayakalp Meditation”. It is not possible to explain the peace & bliss experienced by Yogi. Continuous practice and patience are required to attain this state. In this state, the person feels his body to be Dead and all attachments vanish. After attaining this state, The person can carry out his normal responsibility and also maintain the bliss of Meditation.

The important point to note down

As per the Experience of Genius Yogi, the person may experience more sexual excitement between subconscious state and consciousness state. The person is advised not to disappoint and keep on practicing, it happens because the old impression from the memory of subconscious Mind is on the verge of extinction. Keep on Practicing this Meditation techniques but don’t put pressure on your mind to reach the super-consciousness state forcibly. Keep on Meditating and practicing and you would definitely reach to the state just like Genius Yogis. We wish you all the very best. Give up mental Stress, worry, carry out your responsibility, maintain winsome behavior. Success unto you

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Meditation Techniques



The meaning of pranayama is prana+ayama. Prana means the life force and ayama is its control. So Pranayama means controlling the breathing process (the life force).

            In allopathy, ‘virus’ is considered to be the main cause of illness, in naturopathy, it is ‘antigens’ and in Ayurveda, it is ‘ama rasa’ (the undigested chyle that remains in the body when the food is not properly digested). Similarly, in ‘Prana Therapy’, the chief cause of the disease is considered to be a weak prana. A weak prana weakens the organs of the body and they fail to function properly. Blood circulation in the body depends on this prana; therefore, it’s weakening, in turn, slows down the process of blood circulation. With the blood supply becoming low, the body cells gradually become weak and die; and when the heart doesn’t get enough blood supply, toxic elements build up inside the body producing different diseases.

            Even in practical life, one can see that a person with a strong life force is less prone to diseases as compared to one with a weak life force. By practicing pranayama, the yogis of India used to live a healthy life over thousands of years, a fact mentioned in several scriptures of Sanatana Dharma. In yoga therapy, medicines are thought to be an external treatment, whereas pranayama is considered an internal treatment, and so is termed as the basic medicine.


            The Jabalyopanishad says that pranayama is the destroyer of all affliction.

            The life force is present in different amounts in different parts of the body. A disease is cured by moving the life force from where it is high in the body to where it is low. Pranayama has a very important role in awakening the dormant powers in the body and in developing the life force.

v    Benefits of Pranayama:

(1)               Deep inhalation during pranayama opens the closed pores of the lungs and increases resistance to diseases. It also helps purify the blood, the veins, and the mind.

(2)               A regular practice of 10 pranayamas during each of the three sandhyas for forty days increases cheerfulness, improves the health and also sharpens the memory.

(3)               The practice of pranayama destroys sins. As hard work destroys poverty, so also pranayama destroys sins.


(1)      Rechaka : Exhalation

(2)      Puraka : Inhalation

(3)      Kumbhaka : Holding the breath. To hold the breath inside is called antarakumbhaka and to hold it outside is called bahirkumbhaka.


Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Sit in Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana. First of all, exhale completely through both the nostrils. Then close the right nostril with the right thumb, and with ease, take a deep breath through the left nostril. Hold the breath inside for as long as you can. Close the left nostril with the middle finger and slowly exhale through the right nostril. Exhale completely, and then hold the breath outside for as long as you can comfortably do so by closing both the nostrils. Then inhale through the right nostril and after holding it in for some time exhale slowly through the left. Hold the breath outside for some time after exhaling completely. That completes one Pranayama.

  • In Pranayama, the time proportion for inhalation, retention, exhalation and staying without breath should be in the ratio of 1:4:2:2, i.e. if you take 5 seconds to inhale, then hold it in for 20 seconds, exhale over a period of 10 seconds, and stay with your lungs empty for 10 seconds. This is the ideal ration, which can gradually be attained through regular practice.

think and grow rich

Think and Grow rich  and Check the  Five Enemies on the path of Brahmacharyathink and grow rich

There is no Problem without any base. If you change the base, the problem changes into Solution aumatically. Similarly, utilize the power to think and Grow Rich on the path of Brahmacharya. In this context, there are five effective Tips which are explained here as Five Enemies of Brahmacharya. It is impossible to achieve success in Brahmacharya without checking those five enemies.

The concept of Sex Impulsethink and grow rich

Air is the main component of Nature.  sometimes it remains calm, sometimes slow and sometimes it flows very speedily. Due to increase in pressure, the velocity of Air goes up to furious level and turns to be Cyclone. Similarly,  Sex Impulse in Human body is just like the flow of Air and it gets much inflamed on the influence of five enemies, it is difficult to suppress the Sex Impulse without taking precaution against five enemies. Every Aspirant is advised to think and grow rich in practicing Brahmacharya. It may cause mental imbalance if you try to stop Extreme Sex Impulse. Scholars of Brahmacharya have suggested to think and grow in taking precaution against five enemies and nourish Continence.

think and grow richNo.1 Impure Food

Food is just like patrol for the Body, Good quality of patrol gives good mileage. Blood in our Body is formed as per the type of Food we consume. Subsequently ,the Body System functions & reacts. Thus Mental excitement is directly related to Food. Therefore be serious while consuming Food and follow the directives of Health Experts but Medical Experts Suggestion may also not tell about the  Diet which causes Mental Excitement. So you need to step forward and know the Science of “Sattvik Food”. As a result, your Diet would be treated as Pure If you consume Sattvik Food only. You can make a habit of Pure food after reading an Article on Sattvik Food.

Research on life Energy Principlethink and grow rich

There had been a research on the consumption of Food in relation to the Life energy Principle in Human Body. The research has projected a dietary principle which explains “when & why to eat”. To know the fact you are recommended to watch the Video “What is Healthy Lifestyle”. Live your life according to the principle of Sattvik Food and consume the diet in synchronization with the flow of Life energy. Save yourself from the enemy of Impure Food and Sex Impulse would reduce significantly.

think and grow richNo.2 Porn Addiction

Nowadays Porn Addiction is a serious problem.  Porn addiction turns Sex Impulse into Sex Impulse Cyclone. Porn addiction is deep-rooted due to past mental impression. It needs you to redirect the past mental impression & desire towards a most meaningful one. To get rid of the habit of Sex Appeal songs, make a  habit of listening Music & Songs in the  Categories such as Relaxation, Motivational, Classical & Meditation and It will create a new Good habit.  To get rid of Sex appeal Literature & Magazines, read the story of Successful People and Inspirational & Mysterious facts as well. To get rid of the habit of Porn watching, Watch videos in the categories such as Motivational, Spiritual and also discuss the same in your Community.

Practice makes a man Perfect

Watch Meditation video repeatedly and alter the desire of mind. Always practice as per the guidance to get rid of all types of porn addictions. Read the life of Continent People and give up your restlessness and have full confidence. It is true that Continent People also suffered the sex impulse at starting but they changed their base of Problem and became successful on the path of Brahmacharya.  So never underestimate yourself.

No.3 Bad Associationthink and grow rich

Bad Association on the path of Brahmacharya is such an enemy which throws you to the point from where you started the journey and you may not realize it. So never compromise your long endeavored good habit in the name of Friendship. Scholars suggest to think and grow in Good Community & Team Which is an Aeroplane journey to the path of destiny. This journey enables you to reach to the destination very quickly & easily than others.

think and grow richNo.4 Unorganized Life Schedule

It is inspiring to know that the life of Successful people is fully organized. May you believe or not, if your life is not organized, it delays your work, wastes your time and also disappoints you. In this mental condition, the person may repeat his old bad habit which increases the sex impulse along with a new problem. It reduces the confidence level and person forgets about Life Schedule. So mend your unorganized life schedule accordingly and make a list of works to be undertaken in a day. Follow your daily routine very honestly & Sincerely. It will not give chance to Arousal of sex impulse because your mind & subconscious mind undertake the task automatically. You have to practice for it and seriously add morning meditation & community discussion in your daily routine.  Morning Meditation and Community discussion work as Catalysts to think and grow rich in making your Lifestyle organized.

No.5 Negative thoughtthink and grow rich

The Negative thought “Sex Transmutation & Brahmacharya not Possible” would never allow you to live a continent life. There are very fewer people who are continent and also respect continence. Think and Grow rich in giving up all negative thoughts and step out with confidence and march ahead by the power of the subconscious mind. The Team of Continence people is helped by the Vibration of their subconscious mind.  It fetches positive results. The person who is mentally weak may also receive the vibration of mentally strong people and become strong as well.

More recommendation for you

You are advised to watch the Video “The Secret Meditation” and do practice to receive Ideas from Infinite Intelligence. Before that, you are recommended to watch the Video “Brahmacharya Part-3”. At last, we would like to tell that take the help of both  Science & Spirituality to get success in Sex Transmutation & Brahmacharya.  Watch the Video “Brahmacharya Part-2” and know how Modern Science emphasizes Continent life  & Conservation of Semen. Organize your life according to it and shun all negative thoughts.. Finally, we wish you to think and grow rich and become successful on the path of Brahmacharya and Sex Transmutation.

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Sattvic Foods

Sattvic FoodsSattvic Foods Principle Conducive to General Wellbeing

Sattvic Foods Principle in relation to Seasonal Changes

There are mainly three seasons- winter season, summer season and rainy season. According to Science of Ayurveda, six seasons are considered – spring, summer, rain, autumn, Hemant, and ShishirMaharishi Sushruta has divided the 12 months of the year into these seasons. There are two parts in the year.  In the first part moves sun moves towards north facilitating Winter, Autumn, and Summer and in the second part sun moves towards south facilitating Rain and Hemant Seasons.  During northward movement Sun is Strong and Moon is weak and during southward movement Sun is weak and the moon is strong.

Spring season

The winter season is the spring and spring season. There is no colder in this time nor does it get more heat. In the spring, blood circulation becomes intense and there is energy in the body. In the spring season, there is no heat burning in the heat and there is no rain or cold breeze, snow, and fog of Winter. For these reasons, the spring season has been called as the King of All Seasons.

Advisable Diet in the spring season 

In this season, gradually start taking the dried simple diet. According to Charak Samhita, consumption of heavy, lubricant, sour and sweet substances and sleeping in the day is prohibited in this season. In this season it is beneficial to consume bitter, tincture, potassium-rich substances. When roaming in the morning breeze, chew new gums of 15-20 neems. This remedy protects against diseases such as skin disease, blood vessel and fever etc. throughout the year.

 Summer Season Dietary Advice

In the summer, the wind blows in the form of bright light, which is very painful and harmful to health. Therefore, these days, follow the dietary advice and be healthy.


Due to the high heat of the Sun, Air & Water component decrease in the earth. Therefore, for the maintenance of a Water Component, it should be consumed with sweet, liquid, light, digestible, fresh, aqueous, Cold and soft foods. Homemade Sattu, fresh lemon syrup, Juice, milk, Carrie, pomegranates, grapes, butter, fresh Chapati, peel with moong dal, sweet lemon, pumpkin, Gilki, gram greens, amaranth, parwal , Banana vegetable, green cucumber, coriander, mint, Gulkand etc.

In this season, ‘ water-Therapy ‘ should be done in the morning. Drink four glass of water in the morning.   It prevents blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, T.B. and even many the fatal illnesses. Do not drink water immediately after coming out of the warmer atmosphere. Drink early in the morning. If you have to wake up in the night, you should continue to drink cold water for an hour or so. It prevents bile and cough in the abdomen.

Dinner in the rainy season

 In these days, our gastrointestinal becomes very slow. Vata defect remains chiefly in the rainy season. Therefore it is very important to focus on eating. In the days of summer, the digestive fire of man becomes dim. In the rainy season, it becomes even dimmer. As a result, indigestion, diarrhea, gastroenteritis etc. are more prevalent.


Do not take a latex diet in these days. Due to indigestion, it is advisable to consume edible and plain foods. Do not consume stale, rusty and warm nature foods. In this season, consumption of rice for old barley, wheat, is particularly beneficial. When making a meal in the rainy season, mixing a little honey (honey) in the diet releases indigestion and feels hungry. Regular consumption of honey in small amounts is also good to overcome indigestion, fatigue, and ventilation.

In the rainy season, abdominal diseases are more common, so ginger and lemon should be used daily in food. Lemon is very beneficial in diseases occurring in the rainy season. In this season, mangoes and berries are considered best in fruits. Makes the common intestines powerful.

Health Safety in Autumn

Autumn can be considered from 16th September to 14th November in terms of overall India. Autumn comes after the rainy season. The outbreak of naturally accumulated bile duct in the rainy season increases in autumn. This turns away from the digestive nature of the bile in this season, it becomes ingenious. The result is fever, dysentery, vomiting, diarrhea, malaria etc.  In Ayurveda autumn is called the ‘ mother of diseases “.

In this season there is a natural increase in the incidence of gallbladder and salts. The sun’s heat also looks particularly sharp. Therefore, the use of such sweet (sweet) , tikta (bitter) should be used exclusively to suppress gall bladder, salt juices and heat.  To lessen the outbreaks of the gallbladder, take special, sweet, cold, heavy, bitter and tasty items.

Vegetables are very good in this season, but due to the new water of rainy season, they are faulty. They have excessive salts (salt) juice.  Ghee-milk is an antidote of the gallbladder. In this season, wheat, barley, jowar , paddy, common grains etc. should be taken. Watermelon, pomegranate, grapes, coconut, ripe papaya, moosambi , lemon, sugarcane etc.  can be taken. By eating kheer, rabri etc. in the autumn,  is beneficial for health. Eating by adding ghee and cardamom in ripe banana also beneficial. Sugarcane juice and coconut water are very beneficial.

Seasons of Hemant and Winter

With the presence of both the winter and transitional periods, their properties can be availed because the Hemant Season gives us the nutritious power of the transitional period. In addition, the transition begins in the winter season, but the rays of the sun are not so intense that they can absorb and dry out the juice. However, due to the beginning of the invocation, the light and early rays of the Sun seem to be pleasant.

In winter, man gets a naturally superior force. Due to the gastric cold,  Pancreases Gland is powerful and intense.  it burns body metals. Therefore, in the winter season, eat salty, sweet sweet foods. In this season, nutritious, potent and curative recipes should be consumed to strengthen the body.

The Brief Essence of Sattvic Foods

Sattvic foods are soothing, nourishing and promote and maintain a quiet, steady mind as well as help to sharpen your intellect and give you a greater sense of empathy. Sattvic foods are vegetarian and do not include foods derived from animals that have been harmed in any way. It is important that foods are grown naturally and do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives.

Sattvic food generally consists of:

  • fresh, organic fruit and vegetables
  • whole grains and nuts
  • dairy products such as milk and ghee
  • beans and lentils
  • plant-based oils
  • mildly sweet foods (natural, unrefined sugars), honey, molasses
  • spices such as cinnamon, basil, coriander, ginger, and turmeric

In addition to fresh, organic, whole foods, a sattvic diet requires the energy and intention within your kitchen to be a calm and pleasant atmosphere for food preparation. Preparing your food with mindfulness, care and love will create energetic vibrations that are absorbed by the food you are preparing and will enter your body during digestion. The quality of your food is greatly enhanced by loving attention, including how the vegetables are cut, how the spices are ground and the way you add ingredients to the dish you are preparing.

It is important to remember that a sattvic food is intended to improve the mind. A Rajasic diet, consisting of food that is spicy, salty and sour in taste and a tamasic diet, which includes food that is stale, overheated, oily, heavy and often canned or preserved in some way. Aspects from each of these diets may be recommended to help correct a doshic imbalance or physical illness. However, as a general rule, Ayurveda recommends a sattvic Foods for people who are, by and large, healthy and balanced.

Brahmacharya Tips

Five Brahmacharya Tips very essential for Sex Transmutation

Brahmacharya Tips

There are  Five Brahmacharya tips very essential for Sex Transmutation which can’t be neglected if you want to be successful in Sex Transmutation. It has been beautifully signified as a sentence facilitating you to remember five important Brahmacharya tips. It will always help you towards the practice of Brahmacharya. If you sincerely follow Brahmacharya tips, then only you will realize the power of brahmacharya and celibacy benefits.  The undermentioned Five Brahmacharya tips would always encourage you on your path to Sex Transmutation & Brahmacharya.

Two important things to remember first

First thing, Nobody wants to be sick but sickness comes automatically due to some reason. similarly, you are not going to have a good but you need to achieve health. Second thing, One Person is caught by bad habits automatically due to negligence. To imbibe good habits we need willpower & patience. There is no other way to imbibe Brahmacharya Tips without willPower & Patience.

Remember this line always

All Brahmacharya Tips have been summarised in one line so that you would be able to remember those Brahmacharya Tips very easily and implement in life as well. The line is as Community is fasting with silence to achieve the taste of Meditation. We will repeat this line at the end of this article. You are recommended to remember this line and you will be definitely able to follow all Brahmacharya Tips.

No.1 Avoid tasteBrahmacharya Tips

Eat to live but do not live to eat. Expert says the person can never control his sex who is not able to control the taste. Research revealed that  Nerve cells work as sensor give the signal to the brain and they become centralized to give taste to the person. Due to this reason, Brain temporarily leaves it’s normal function and gets focused to give taste to the person. When the person eats only for taste his brain is affected by taste addiction. Consequently, he would not like to eat a simple diet and also can’t survive without spicy food. Taste addiction is a mental weakness and it is not good for Sex Transmutation. Due to this reason, he may relapse again & again on the path of Brahmacharya. So get this Logical point and leave this weakness immediately. Always have simple, Eupeptic, Nutritive and Fresh food.

Brahmacharya TipsNo.2 Fasting

As servicing is necessary for a Vehicle, Fasting is also as like as Servicing of the Body. Hormone releases in the body due to mental stress, overthinking & Anger which generates poison in the body. This poison contaminates blood and it disturbs brain function. As a result, the person suffers a migraine. The best and effective way to clean out this poison is fasting but do fast as per your capacity if you regularly suffer a headache. According to the suggestions of Experts & Bharatiya Scriptures, a healthy person should fast once in a week or else once in a fortnight or else once a month. Lukewarm water is nectar for the body during fasting and it decontaminates the body from poison. Finally, it revitalizes the body fully.

Japanese Cell Biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi has done research on Fasting He is Specialist in Autophagy and awarded Nobel prize in Medicine. He Suggests for fasting for at least 20 days in a year. After 10 to 12 hours of fasting Body’s Energy is used up and the body system starts eating cancer cells. This is the new discovery of treatment of Cancer. On the basis of this research, we can be confirmed that Body becomes pure after fasting. Pure Body creates Pure mind and Pure mind helps in Sex transmutation because there is a firm relation between Psychology & Celibacy.

No.3  Practice of SilenceBrahmacharya Tips

 Speech is possible due to the life energy present in our body. You must have seen the person talking less  & slowly after recovery from long sickness because energy level is down that time. It takes time to get energy level normal. if a  person speaks too much and loudly,  Life energy is also wasted to the same extent. So it is advised to speak as per your necessity and remain silent if not required. It is better to practice silence for some hours in a day and make a plan for that. The practice of Silence conserves Life energy and you can redirect the same towards sex transmutation by using your thought power. During silence hours, Life energy gets redirected as per your thought. Here Life energy is known as Vital force or “Prana Shakti”  During observation of silence, thought power works as propelling force and utilizes “Prana Shakti”  as per your thought. So Generate thought only for successful Sex Transmutation & Brahmacharya. Take benefit of the power of Silence. Speak less, Speak slowly and Speak as per requirement.

Brahmacharya TipsNo.4  Practice more & more Meditation

 We always give importance to various tips of Meditation just to encourage Meditation in your daily Schedule. It is advised to do Meditation before sunrise daily for half an hour. You can gradually increase the duration. Meditation is the Charioteer for Sex Transmutation & Brahmacharya. Meditation normalizes Blood Pressure, Pulse rate and Electrocardiography of heart. In this state, you become so as you think. Thought power tremendously works in this state. You can never deviate from Brahmacharya if you utilize this thought power during meditative state. To understand better about thought power you can watch our video  “What is thought – Self help-5

No.5 Community help and Discussion

Brahmacharya Tips

 People practicing Sex transmutation & Brahmacharya should be friends and remain in Community & Team and share your thought with each other. Respect each other and share your knowledge also. Help each other, Be in Team as it would always keep your morale high. It’s our endeavor and suggestion to visit and share your thought on Brahmacharya Article.

Keep in touch with each other. Like the Facebook page of Manthanhub and make a good community & Team. share your knowledge and maintain zeal & spirit every moment. This Endeavour would facilitate a cohesive Community  & Team and it will be always encouraging towards the goal of life. Remember this line to implement all Brahmacharya Tips in your life Community is fasting with silence to achieve the taste of Meditation.  Bold texts denote all Brahmacharya tips said in this article.

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