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Nadisodhan Pranayama

NADISODHAN PRANAYAMA THE MEANING OF PRANAYAMA The meaning of pranayama is prana+ayama. Prana means the life force and ayama is its control. So Pranayama means controlling the breathing process (the life force).             In...

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Think and Grow Rich on the path of Brahmacharya

Think and Grow rich  and Check the  Five Enemies on the path of Brahmacharya There is no Problem without any base. If you change the base, the problem changes into Solution aumatically. Similarly, utilize...

Sattvic Foods 3

Sattvic Foods Principle Conducive for Brahmacharya

Sattvic Foods Principle Conducive to General Wellbeing Sattvic Foods Principle in relation to Seasonal Changes There are mainly three seasons- winter season, summer season and rainy season. According to Science of Ayurveda, six seasons are considered...